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Local Donations from Junk Removals



Just a couple of the multiple pet carrier crates we will have donated to VOKRA (orphan kitten rescue) this year!  It is important as a business and as an individual to support your local animal shelters, as they are all doing beautiful work through out the year!

We have bigger plans to add to our donation portfolio this year for VOKRA and other animal shelters.  Keep tuned!!

Finding The Right Junk Removal Service

In this electronic age of consumption and disposal, where modern technology is expanding exponentially fast like lab bacteria do, and where people are moving through phones, televisions, and cars as quick as their text conversations, it is no wonder then that the junk removal industry is a highly occupied and dense business.

The age-old adage “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” reflects on the wisdom of the utility of what we consider waste.  To turn waste into a resource is a responsibility that all junk removal businesses should consider; but the reality is that they do not for the sake of profit and bottom line.

When a junk removal business rewards trucks that dispose of material quickly and with the lowest cost, it sets its foundation in the sand with a sign that can only be read as “take me to the nearest landfill.”

Choosing the right junk removal service is not just about pricing, but how they operate and what they do with their items is equally as important, in our humble opinion.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Junk Removal Service:

1 – Integrity:  Is the service established and trusted by the local community? Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or business sites like Yelp or BBB are a good indicator as to how the business has been doing and what the local response is.  If a business has an “F” rating on BBB or has negative reviews on Facebook, you may want to avoid using this company.

2 – Knowing Your Price: Whether the business charges you by the weight or by the volume, a legitimate service will be able to provide you with proof of either of these.  Volume-priced services is the easiest as you can see how much room the junk fills up in the truck, however weight-based services should be able to provide you with a weight on site.  If they have to provide you with a weight after leaving your location they should be able to provide you proof of a dump receipt, however be cautious as this may allow more weight to be added after the fact.

3 – Where Does Your Junk Go?:  One of the most important aspects of a good junk removal business is, not just servicing the customer, but how you service the environment. Do you as a customer care where your junk ends up?  Do you care if it goes to a landfill or if the recyclable items go to a recycling facility?  Most junk removal services will go directly to landfill as it saves their bottom line and dollar.  Servicing the environment properly, in and of itself, is responsibly servicing your community and thus yourself. Don’t be afraid to pay a bit more to properly recycle your items.  Understand that recycling facilities are dispersed for different materials and require extra travel and time.

4 – Ask The Right Questions:  Many junk removal businesses will always tell you that they recycle what they can.  Asking the right questions can separate the “doers” from the pretenders.  A junk removal business that properly recycles will understand the where, what, and how of the recycled product.  These type of questions will illuminate if they really do recycle or not! In short, don’t be afraid to ask questions on exactly what facility they use to recycle and what happens to the product.  A good junk removal business should know all the answers to these type of questions.

Specific questions like “Where do you take wood and what happens to it? ” that yield generic responses of “We take it to a recycling facility” demonstrates a lack of knowledge and customer experience.

Feel free to contact us here at EZ Junk for any further information! 604.439.5865! Always support your local non-profits and social enterprises!

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Styrofoam Recycling

For many years the only place residents of British Columbia could take styrofoam was to the landfill.  Styrofoam is a type of plastic called polystyrene and is used for many applications (such as packaging) – we all by now, hopefully, understand that plastic is one of the worst types of material for our environment.

As a waste management business we feel responsible in understanding and educating all our employees on where and what happens to the waste that we dispose of.

So what happens to styrofoam?  All our styrofoam disposal goes directly to a facility called Foam Only.  They are a great business that believes in community, environment, and managing waste right.  As 98% of styrofoam is air, the folks at Foam Only have found a way to compress the foam so that it can be re-used and upcycled into more useful products.

Turning what is traditionally known as waste into a resource is a motto we all need to apply to our everyday thinking, for the betterment of the future planet and people.


More Bin Rentals Vancouver

Today is a big step for EZ JUNK, particularly for our bin rental business in Metro Vancouver!

We started approximately 3 years ago renting mini-sized bins catering for construction and roofing projects on a smaller scale.

With the purchase of a new cable-pulley truck we are now ready to service large sized construction and renovation projects which we were not able to do before!

We now have an assortment of bins for all sizes!  This means more waste to divert away from the landfills and opportunities to help contractor projects to achieve LEED credits for green building friendliness.

Call us anytime at 604.439.5865 to book our new bins!

10-yard rock bins

12-yard bins

20-yard bins

30-yard bins

40-yard bins



Donation Items – Helping Animals

Operating a junk removal service out of Vancouver we come across a wide stream of materials that are considered “junk.”

Recently, we have made a commitment to donating pet-related items such as pet carriers and cages to the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue (VOKRA).  They help to reduce breeding in feral cat colonies and find homes for felines which would otherwise be euthanised!

They contacted us the other day on how just one cat carrier was able to save and transport 2 kittens and cats over the weekend!  It is amazing how small things, can create bigger changes.

Talking Trash 2 – Being Part of a Growing Company

Every story has three parts: a beginning, a middle and an end. Beginnings set the scene and endings bring closure but the middle is the real meat of the story. This is where we find growth, change and development (the good stuff)! Though I am still in the beginnings of my work here with the company itself is about to take a big step towards growth, growth that I am excited to be a part of.

So if you came in search of a tragic ending you will be disappointed. To keep up with Metro Vancouver’s growing need for proper and clean waste and junk removal  EZJunk is getting ready to expand. Larger bins, new equipment and staff training are all coming together to prepare for this and we are all very excited for the growth and change. As a guy who in no way enjoys monotony I am looking forward to the newness to come. Not only do these changes allow us to help more customers day to day but it also provides opportunity for personal development for all of us here.

We will all be learning new skills and tricks and as the company morphs we will see our roles here morph as well. I am still learning every day and the learning curve is about to bend ever further. This brings on a bit of nervousness but more so curiosity and excitement. I am happy to have come on to the team when I did because I wouldn’t want to miss these parts of the story. During times like this stress can run high as we face new situations but that’s the fun of it all right? I thrive in the madness and am intrigued by the unknown so I feel as though I am in my element. I hope that everyone is as excited about our expansion as we are and that you all get a chance to be part of our story.


(Get Youth Working Program)

Talking Trash & Creating Change – from a new employee

A few months back we had the great opportunity to forge a relationship with the “Get Youth Working Program” of British Columbia.  This is a great organization that provides opportunities to hire, train, and educate youths through real job experience.

Our new hire, Tyler, has been a great fit for us thus far.  We believe the thoughts and feedback of all our employees are equally valuable, so today we had Tyler spend some time on writing his thoughts on his EZ JUNK experience thus far.  Enjoy!  (we may hear from him again!)

I had never put a ton of thought into the world of waste. I knew how to sort my plastics from my papers and how to place a bag on a curb but the behind-the-scenes picture of waste management was not something I as an average consumer had taken a lot of time to think about. When I joined the team a few months back junk went from being someone else’s problem to a world issue looking me directly in the eye. When junk and waste become your job, an 8 hour a day commitment, you quickly become aware of a part of society most people actively ignore.

When you take time to think about it, about how much waste and junk a planet of 7 billion people mustcreate you have to wonder where it all goes. The truth is much of it ends up in landfills, much more than needs to. We have the tech and the know-how to recycle and reuse most waste but a large part of the problem is caused by improper sorting and simple laziness. When waste is just thrown together it prevents it from being properly recycled and it ends up in landfills. Not taken care of, just hidden. This is where EZJunk impressed me when I came on board with them.

With the capability to sort a huge amount of the junk and waste we collect in a day it feels as though we are not creating or adding to a world issue but solving a small part of it by being able to recycle the materials and give them new use. It’s nice to feel as though a day’s work has positively impacted the planet even if just in a small way.

Take some time to think about the waste you create, where it will end up, and what impact something as simple as an old stove or a used water bottle will have on the earth over the next few hundred years. They could be turned into something really cool like new clothing or components for useful technologies but if it ends up in a landfill it will stay there, no longer being capable of change or growth. The simple decision of how to dispose of an item could dictate that items usefulness over the next several hundred years. It’s rather simple thinking that most of us rarely take the time to think about.


– Tyler  (Get Youth Working Program Employee)


GYW High Resolution Logo_GYW

Vancouver Clothing Donations & Community Removal

Recently, we made a trip to My Sister’s Closet which is a Battered Women’s Support Services thrift-store initiative to help raise funds to ending violence to women across Canada.

As we believe community impact is a vital measure of business success, all clothing from our operations will be donated to this great community-minded service.

A few days later we made a trip back to My Sister’s Closet to help them with a junk removal for their store, pro bono.  This was a great way for us to provide further support for our community and those that help others.  Business is not just about making the most money possible, but it is about how you spend your time and money, where it goes, and how you treat the environment and people in the process.

We look forward to helping others around our community in the near future!





Vancouver Green Waste Removal

Metro Vancouver already has a solid green waste program where food scraps are mixed with green waste (yard and leave clippings) to create a soil nutrient compost.

However, the green waste program does not facilitate larger quantities of green waste.  Ever wonder where your green waste can go in the city and what happens to it?

While there are several sites  you can take your green waste to, you may wonder what may be the best option in the city so that you know for sure it will be used for composting instead of going to the landfill.

Ecowaste is an option for those living out near Richmond BC, as they accept green waste and will utilize your yard trimmings for compost.

Urban Woodwaste is an option for those living in Vancouver BC, however, they do consider clean green waste as a Grade 2 material and thus will be trucked out to another facility.

Wastech Transfer stations are prevalent in most major Metro Vancouver cities and do accept green waste; the yard trimmings are then transferred to a facility out in Richmond for mulching and then composting.

Richmond Energy and Garden Composting facility is the place to take your yard waste.  This is where all other facilities drop off their green waste.  It is in a remote are and does require a bit of time to travel out there especially if you live in the city.

With all this being said, our team at EZ JUNK specializes in green waste removal.  We have dedicated bins to store green waste so that we can effectively ensure that the lowest carbon footprint is produced when we take our green waste for composting.  Unlike other junk removal companies, we do not immediately empty our truck load and move on to the next job.  Many times junk removal companies will take it to a facility which will take it to another facility, then re shipped to Richmond.

With the advantage of having construction bins, we store our green waste until we accumulate a large load to deliver for composting.  This is better for the environment and allows us to be more environmentally responsible.


Electronic waste and the importance of diverting its waste from landfills

We live in a culture where technology is growing and changing so rapidly that all our old technology is becoming disposable at the same rate.

In Metro Vancouver, a third of all landfill violations were as a result of electronic waste (e-waste).  This is a shockingly high number, not just because people are throwing away old electronics, but due to the fact that there are many facilities where you can return your electronics for free recycling!

We all need to be accountable and responsible for the amount of waste we produce and how we can responsibly dispose of it.  Electronic waste is one of the most toxic and hazardous to the environment.

There is a vicious circle of consume and dispose that is running rampant across our cities.  Individually, and as a whole, we need to move forward on new solutions and ideas that creates closed-loops systems.  Systems where waste is not created and can be recycled, upcycled, or diverted back into the same process making system.

An example of this type of technology and system is through making modular cell phones.  Check out the video below for more information.

In regards to recycling and disposing of your electronics responsibly you can visit any Return-It location to do this.  Click on the link below for further information as well.


Many thanks.


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