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Vancouver Green Waste Removal

Metro Vancouver already has a solid green waste program where food scraps are mixed with green waste (yard and leave clippings) to create a soil nutrient compost.

However, the green waste program does not facilitate larger quantities of green waste.  Ever wonder where your green waste can go in the city and what happens to it?

While there are several sites  you can take your green waste to, you may wonder what may be the best option in the city so that you know for sure it will be used for composting instead of going to the landfill.

Ecowaste is an option for those living out near Richmond BC, as they accept green waste and will utilize your yard trimmings for compost.

Urban Woodwaste is an option for those living in Vancouver BC, however, they do consider clean green waste as a Grade 2 material and thus will be trucked out to another facility.

Wastech Transfer stations are prevalent in most major Metro Vancouver cities and do accept green waste; the yard trimmings are then transferred to a facility out in Richmond for mulching and then composting.

Richmond Energy and Garden Composting facility is the place to take your yard waste.  This is where all other facilities drop off their green waste.  It is in a remote are and does require a bit of time to travel out there especially if you live in the city.

With all this being said, our team at EZ JUNK specializes in green waste removal.  We have dedicated bins to store green waste so that we can effectively ensure that the lowest carbon footprint is produced when we take our green waste for composting.  Unlike other junk removal companies, we do not immediately empty our truck load and move on to the next job.  Many times junk removal companies will take it to a facility which will take it to another facility, then re shipped to Richmond.

With the advantage of having construction bins, we store our green waste until we accumulate a large load to deliver for composting.  This is better for the environment and allows us to be more environmentally responsible.


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