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Drywall Removal

drywall removal

Here at EZ JUNK we do full Drywall Removal for your specific needs. We here at EZ Junk provides full service drywall removal which includes getting your drywall tested and certified for removal.  Give us a call at 604.439.5865 for a FREE ESTIMATE

Here are some quick and easy pointers on how to begin the process of recycling and ensuring it is disposed of properly by us or any other business.

– If your drywall is older than 1983 (before 1983) you will need to get it tested for asbestos. Click here to search for a local place within Metro Vancouver.

– If your drywall does not contain asbestos, you will receive certification of the results showing that it is safe to dispose.  If this is the case give us a call and we will handle it from thereon in

– If your drywall DOES contain asbestos it will need to be disposed of by a licensed hazardous disposal company.   Generally, the hazardous asbestos will have to be shipped off to Calgary in a private deep landfill for safe covering.  Unfortunately, the whole process is very expensive.

We deal with drywall on a daily basis, so feel free to contact us directly for further information on this unique issue.

Call us at 604-4-EZ-JUNK (604-439-5865) for your Drywall Removal!

The process is EZ as 1…2…3

1. Call us for a free quote and our friendly, uniformed team will arrive at the scheduled time

2. With our up-front and accurate pricing system, you will always know exactly how much your cost is BEFORE the truck is loaded! Don’t be fooled by companies who charge you by weight as you do not want to pay for rain soaking into your junk!led time

3. We remove what you need and provide a final area clean to ensure your satisfaction guaranteed!


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