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Finding The Right Junk Removal Service

In this electronic age of consumption and disposal, where modern technology is expanding exponentially fast like lab bacteria do, and where people are moving through phones, televisions, and cars as quick as their text conversations, it is no wonder then that the junk removal industry is a highly occupied and dense business.

The age-old adage “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” reflects on the wisdom of the utility of what we consider waste.  To turn waste into a resource is a responsibility that all junk removal businesses should consider; but the reality is that they do not for the sake of profit and bottom line.

When a junk removal business rewards trucks that dispose of material quickly and with the lowest cost, it sets its foundation in the sand with a sign that can only be read as “take me to the nearest landfill.”

Choosing the right junk removal service is not just about pricing, but how they operate and what they do with their items is equally as important, in our humble opinion.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Junk Removal Service:

1 – Integrity:  Is the service established and trusted by the local community? Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or business sites like Yelp or BBB are a good indicator as to how the business has been doing and what the local response is.  If a business has an “F” rating on BBB or has negative reviews on Facebook, you may want to avoid using this company.

2 – Knowing Your Price: Whether the business charges you by the weight or by the volume, a legitimate service will be able to provide you with proof of either of these.  Volume-priced services is the easiest as you can see how much room the junk fills up in the truck, however weight-based services should be able to provide you with a weight on site.  If they have to provide you with a weight after leaving your location they should be able to provide you proof of a dump receipt, however be cautious as this may allow more weight to be added after the fact.

3 – Where Does Your Junk Go?:  One of the most important aspects of a good junk removal business is, not just servicing the customer, but how you service the environment. Do you as a customer care where your junk ends up?  Do you care if it goes to a landfill or if the recyclable items go to a recycling facility?  Most junk removal services will go directly to landfill as it saves their bottom line and dollar.  Servicing the environment properly, in and of itself, is responsibly servicing your community and thus yourself. Don’t be afraid to pay a bit more to properly recycle your items.  Understand that recycling facilities are dispersed for different materials and require extra travel and time.

4 – Ask The Right Questions:  Many junk removal businesses will always tell you that they recycle what they can.  Asking the right questions can separate the “doers” from the pretenders.  A junk removal business that properly recycles will understand the where, what, and how of the recycled product.  These type of questions will illuminate if they really do recycle or not! In short, don’t be afraid to ask questions on exactly what facility they use to recycle and what happens to the product.  A good junk removal business should know all the answers to these type of questions.

Specific questions like “Where do you take wood and what happens to it? ” that yield generic responses of “We take it to a recycling facility” demonstrates a lack of knowledge and customer experience.

Feel free to contact us here at EZ Junk for any further information! 604.439.5865! Always support your local non-profits and social enterprises!

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