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Hoarding Help & Information


What is Hoarding?

A)  Hoarding disorder is characterized by the persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions, regardless of the value others may attribute to these possessions.

B) This compulsive behavior has a variety of harmful effects impacting emotional, physical, social, financial, legal, and psychologically to the person suffering from the disorder and extending into family members and close friends.

C) What differentiates hoarders from normal collectors is the quantity/amount of their collected items and how it negatively impacts their living areas and workplace.  Hoarders accumulate so much material that it threatens their health, creates fall and fire hazards in their homes, and is a potential public health & safety issue to their neighbors (if they are living in an apartment or condo).


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Understanding the Spectrum of Hoarding

With the inclusion of Hoarding Disorder into American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-V, in addition with the increased awareness of hoarding through social media and reality TV, there has been a spotlight on the varying severity and spectrum of hoarding illness.

Certain organizations and groups have developed scales to outline the differing levels of hoarders.  One of the most commonly used is called the “Clutter Hoarding Scale.”

For more information on how this scale works, click here


Dealing with a Hoarder

The friends and family members of hoarders need to be as educated as possible when approaching and engaging conversations with the hoarder.   We strongly recommend that friends and family members research on the following articles and videos below to learn more about how to approach this problem: – information website for families and childrens of hoarders; there is a lot of information here and as well as support group links– a harm reduction approach to assisting hoarders – information podcast on hoarding and how to get treatment for hoarders – informational video on how to help and approach family members with hoarding disorder  – tips on and great general guide on how to approach a hoarder and deal with the situation yourself



We have an experienced Hoarding Specialist that works directly with the client and family members to ensure due diligence, integrity, compassion, and respect are demonstrated through the whole process.  Click here or call 604.439.5865 for more information.

We offer hoarding expertise in the following:

  • Hands-on Hoarding Management
  • Direct Consultation with Hoarder
  • Contents Sorting & Organization
  • Asset Recovery & Inventory
  • Green recycling & Donations program
  • Photo & Video Documentation
  • Extreme Cleaning

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