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EZJUNK Hoarding Removal Management and Help




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Experienced, Expertise for Hoarding Removal

At EZJUNK.CA we understand the challenges and unique circumstances of removing items from a hoarding situation.

In all cases, we believe in treating the hoarder with dignity, respect, and compassion throughout the process.  We have hired an expert Hoarding Removal Specialist to manage all of our hoarding projects.

We believe that the invaluable experience of working with organizations such as Canadian Broadcasting Company, BC Housing, Vancouver Hoarding Task Force, Municipal Fire Departments, Health Workers, and a variety of strata’s and home-owners will help guide your hoarding removal in a positive and beneficial direction for all involved.




For Family Members & Friends

We encourage you to visit our Hoarding Help & Information page to see how you can best deal with a hoarder. CLICK HERE for more information.  Feel free to call us at EZJUNK for free consultation regarding your hoarding situation at 604.4.EZ.JUNK.

Remember to always treat a hoarder with compassion and respect.  Communicate respectfully and do not volunteer to go and start throwing items out of their home without their consent.  Educating a hoarder about their behavior is a valuable step in creating solutions for the situation.




For Homeowners, Landlords, or Stratas

Dealing with a hoarder in your home or residential area is a very challenging situation.  Not only are there health and safety hazards within the hoarder’s home, but if they are living in an apartment, condominium or shared household these hazards can spread to adjacent rooms and tenants.

As you may have already experienced, hoarders have difficulty understanding the extent of their compulsions and many times develop negative reactions to being approached regarding their problem.  Many times this will result in unnecessary tension, avoidance, and anxiety to all parties.

This is why it is advantageous to have a third-party like our Hoarding Specialist to help assist both parties with the challenges of the situation.  Having a Hoarding Specialist on hand helps streamline and liaise communication when necessary, as well as helps provide assurance to the hoarder that we are also looking after their interests and situation.



What is our philosophy and how do we differentiate between other Hoarding removal companies?

We understand that compulsive hoarding is an illness and requires a compassionate removal approach to the situation.  Our philosophy is not just to come and remove items from a hoarders household, but to reduce the harm involved during the process by actively recovering valuables or assets that a hoarder may have lost throughout the years. 

We work directly with all parties involved to ensure that integrity, respect, and due diligence is maintained throughout  the removal project.

We provide expertise in the following:

  • Compassionate Hoarding Management
  • Direct Consultation with Hoarder
  • Decluttering and Moving to storage
  • Contents Sorting & Organization
  • Asset Recovery & Inventory
  • Green recycling & Donations program
  • Photo & Video Documentation
  • Extreme Cleaning

Call us directly at 604.439.5865 to speak to our Hoarding Specialist.


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