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Junk Removals

EZJUNK.CA provides superior customer service and an unmatched eco-consciousness for all your Junk Removals need.

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Our EZ 4-Step Junk Removals Process

✔  Contact us to receive your FREE CREDIT* and INSTANT QUOTE

✔  We load your junk for removal and you save on space, effort, and time!

✔  Our trained removal professionals finalize the job with a sweep of the area and payment will be processed either by Visa, MasterCard, or cash

✔  After your junk is loaded and the area is cleaned, we will recycle your junk and/or donate it to a local charity when possible!


Why Use Us Over Other Junk  Removals Companies?

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Honest Pricing & Quotes

Them:  Many junk removal companies use the classic “foot-in-the-door” technique.

They will provide a free quote based on truck volume and will always underestimate the amount of material involved.  This means they will quote you for half a truck and when the truck is filled it has become three-quarters of a truck load.  Their quotes are subject to change, meaning you will pay more in the end.

Us:  With our per-cubic-yard pricing system, our initial quote will ALWAYS be the final charge.  No hidden fees, no surprises – you get what we quote!


Creating Social & Environmental Change

Them:  Business is simply about making money and saving money – there is no care about how they impact the community or environment

Us:  We operate as a triple-bottom line company where the success of our business is measured not just by our profits, but how we positively impact the community and environment.   Check out our green page HERE for more information!


Provide Alternative Options for Junk Removals

Them:  The only option is to have them come to your door and remove the junk for you.

Us:  Not only do we provide full-service junk removal, but we provide a less costly alternative with our self-service junk removal!  We rent you a bin and you can plan, organize, and set your own pace on your junk removal.



When you think of Junk Removals Company, think Ez Junk

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