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Talking Trash 2 – Being Part of a Growing Company

Every story has three parts: a beginning, a middle and an end. Beginnings set the scene and endings bring closure but the middle is the real meat of the story. This is where we find growth, change and development (the good stuff)! Though I am still in the beginnings of my work here with the company itself is about to take a big step towards growth, growth that I am excited to be a part of.

So if you came in search of a tragic ending you will be disappointed. To keep up with Metro Vancouver’s growing need for proper and clean waste and junk removal  EZJunk is getting ready to expand. Larger bins, new equipment and staff training are all coming together to prepare for this and we are all very excited for the growth and change. As a guy who in no way enjoys monotony I am looking forward to the newness to come. Not only do these changes allow us to help more customers day to day but it also provides opportunity for personal development for all of us here.

We will all be learning new skills and tricks and as the company morphs we will see our roles here morph as well. I am still learning every day and the learning curve is about to bend ever further. This brings on a bit of nervousness but more so curiosity and excitement. I am happy to have come on to the team when I did because I wouldn’t want to miss these parts of the story. During times like this stress can run high as we face new situations but that’s the fun of it all right? I thrive in the madness and am intrigued by the unknown so I feel as though I am in my element. I hope that everyone is as excited about our expansion as we are and that you all get a chance to be part of our story.


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