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Talking Trash & Creating Change – from a new employee

A few months back we had the great opportunity to forge a relationship with the “Get Youth Working Program” of British Columbia.  This is a great organization that provides opportunities to hire, train, and educate youths through real job experience.

Our new hire, Tyler, has been a great fit for us thus far.  We believe the thoughts and feedback of all our employees are equally valuable, so today we had Tyler spend some time on writing his thoughts on his EZ JUNK experience thus far.  Enjoy!  (we may hear from him again!)

I had never put a ton of thought into the world of waste. I knew how to sort my plastics from my papers and how to place a bag on a curb but the behind-the-scenes picture of waste management was not something I as an average consumer had taken a lot of time to think about. When I joined the team a few months back junk went from being someone else’s problem to a world issue looking me directly in the eye. When junk and waste become your job, an 8 hour a day commitment, you quickly become aware of a part of society most people actively ignore.

When you take time to think about it, about how much waste and junk a planet of 7 billion people mustcreate you have to wonder where it all goes. The truth is much of it ends up in landfills, much more than needs to. We have the tech and the know-how to recycle and reuse most waste but a large part of the problem is caused by improper sorting and simple laziness. When waste is just thrown together it prevents it from being properly recycled and it ends up in landfills. Not taken care of, just hidden. This is where EZJunk impressed me when I came on board with them.

With the capability to sort a huge amount of the junk and waste we collect in a day it feels as though we are not creating or adding to a world issue but solving a small part of it by being able to recycle the materials and give them new use. It’s nice to feel as though a day’s work has positively impacted the planet even if just in a small way.

Take some time to think about the waste you create, where it will end up, and what impact something as simple as an old stove or a used water bottle will have on the earth over the next few hundred years. They could be turned into something really cool like new clothing or components for useful technologies but if it ends up in a landfill it will stay there, no longer being capable of change or growth. The simple decision of how to dispose of an item could dictate that items usefulness over the next several hundred years. It’s rather simple thinking that most of us rarely take the time to think about.


– Tyler  (Get Youth Working Program Employee)


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