Computer Recycling and Removal



One of the major problems in British Columbia’s landfills is the irresponsible dumping of electronic waste into our landfills.

This is a serious issue as many electronics contain hazardous materials and toxins that affect the environment and the people who work at the landfills.

We value the importance of proper computer recycling removal here at  We take all of our electronics to centers where they are properly recycled and disassembled to collect valuable raw materials or parts.

For further information on the recycling of e-waste please click here.

Now in terms of the electronics and computers that you want to get rid of……

Call us at 604-4-EZ-JUNK (604-439-5865) for your EZ computer removal!

The process is EZ as 1…2…3

1. Call us for a free quote and our friendly, uniformed team will arrive at the scheduled time

2. With our up-front and accurate pricing system, you will always know exactly how much your cost is BEFORE the truck is loaded! Don’t be fooled by companies who charge you by weight as you do not want to pay for rain soaking into your junk! 

3. We remove what you need and provide a final area clean to ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed!


When you think of Computer Recycling Removal, think EZ Junk

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