For many years the only place residents of British Columbia could take styrofoam was to the landfill. Styrofoam is a type of plastic called polystyrene and is used for many applications (such as packaging) – we all by now, hopefully, understand that plastic is one of the worst types of material for our environment.

As a waste management business we feel responsible in understanding and educating all our employees on where and what happens to the waste that we dispose of.

So what happens to styrofoam? All our styrofoam disposal goes directly to a facility called Foam Only. They are a great business that believes in community, environment, and managing waste right. As 98% of styrofoam is air, the folks at Foam Only have found a way to compress the foam so that it can be re-used and upcycled into more useful products.

Turning what is traditionally known as waste into a resource is a motto we all need to apply to our everyday thinking, for the betterment of the future planet and people.


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